Friday, May 13, 2016

Clogged Drains? Sewer Cleaning in Prescott by Elsea Plumbing

Sewer cleaning in Prescott by Elsea PlumbingSewer cleaning can be a major task that is more complicated than a quick drain cleaning. There tend to be major drain complications, like clogs and backups that could easily and swiftly be resolved by the home owner. But because of the dangerous waste materials coursing through sewer lines and the level of sticky substances, the equipment applied to clean and unclog sewer pipes need to be handled by and expert like Elsea Plumbing in Prescott.

At Elsea Plumbing we have a lot of different ways to clean your sewer line, such as. 

We have a special camera that is a micro lens that is attached to an extended wire. The cord can be inserted into the piping so the technician can observe what is creating the blockage.

Sewer Jetter:
Sewer jetters are utilized often for cleaning by blasting pressurized water directly into piping to loosen oil, dirt, and other various sticky substances.

Professional Sewer Snake:
Sewer snakes can break through the hardest blockages, like tree roots.

Sewer lines need to be examined several times a year in order to avoid any blocks and back ups. Sewer cleaning and upkeep must be done by a plumbing specialist. Contact Elsea Plumbing for any sewer cleaning needs, call 928-848-0189 or visit our website

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